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About us



We are two happy travellers that have found Madeira to be a perfect place for vacations.


With this website we would like to share our experiences and perhaps attract others to take a trip to Madeira.


We come from a small town in Sweden called Trollhättan, and as many other Swedes, we like to go abroad and visit warmer places during our cold and dark winter.


Otherwise we are interested in boats and have our own sailing yacht and Madeira has much to offer in this matter.


To be able to discover more of Madeira we would very much like to hear from you and your trips, tips and experiences.


Please use the contact sheet below or contact us via our Facebook site - MyMadeira. If you 'Like' it or ´Gilla´ in Swedish, you will get to know when we make updates on our web site.


Regards Mariette & Per


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