Porto Moniz

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Porto Moniz

In the northwest corner of the island lays a town called Porto Moniz. It´s nicely located at the seaside below some steep hills looking over the Atlantic. There´s a calm and laid back atmosphere here and it has become a favourite of ours. It´s nice to stroll the seafront from the harbour to the baths at by the Orca Restaurant. Watch the blue waves roll into the rocky shores. Lovely sceneries as usual.

There are two baths in Porto Moniz:

At the Cachalote Restaurant, former wale fishing station, there´s a lava-bath with natural pools in the lava rocks.

You can walk on paths between the pools, take a swim or just enjoy the cool view with the calm waters in the pools and the roaring sea outside.


Often there are really big swells hitting the rocks ashore.

Complexo Balnear de Porto Moniz is a very nice natural lava pool bath with built pools that get its water from the sea.


Here the waves swell into the pools across the rocky shore.


Next to the bath is the Orca Restaurant with magnificent view over the sea.


You can watch the waves for ever.


When you walk along the seafront there´s a fort like building between the natural pools and the harbour, this is the Port Moniz aquarium. We have not visited it yet but it´s said to be good so please take a look, for sure interesting.

Madonnastatue at the viewpoint

We have, several times, driven the winding road in the mountain above Port Moniz, either to or from it, since it´s a bit exciting and also for the fantastic sceneries. Why not visit the viewpoint close to the top of the hill to take a moment and admire the views and the small Madonna statue. It´s road number 101 to/from Santa Maria Magdalena.


Porto Moniz

See the road in Google Maps.



An alternative road is the new highway Porto Moniz – São Vicente – Funchal.