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Madeira is a place where there are festivities for lots of things, during the year, there is always something going on.


There´s a festival for everything from fireworks to chess nuts, rally with classic cars, international film festival and jazz festival, sports events like the car rally included in the European Rally Championship and the Madeira Island Open in Golf, but the most famous one is probably the annual carnival in February, almost in the same league as the carnival in Rio de Janeiro.


See below a selection of events:



Festa do Compadres.


The carnival season starts in the end of January in Santana with a 50 year old tradition, carnival. There is a parade with folk lore groups and music entertainment. You can eat traditional Madeiran cuisine. Actors amuses with satirical sketches about recent social and politics matters.


More information on the web site: http://carnaval.visitmadeira.pt/index.php?id=1&lang=en



Madeira Carnival Festivities.


The large and most known festival in Madeira from the end of February to the beginning of March. It´s considered to be the largest street festival in Europe and in the league of the carnival in Rio with big parades with samba orchestras and dancers in fancy dresses.


More information on the web site: http://carnaval.visitmadeira.pt/index.php?id=1&lang=en



Festa da Flor

Festa da Flor.


There is a very big flower festival in Funchal in the middle of April annually where all flowerage is on display.

Carpets of flowers are made in the main street of Funchal. Folk lore groups are entertaining. You can buy flowers of all kinds in the market stands, orchids, exotic flowers, fruit and vegetables. You can also buy hand craft and all sorts of things. The festival ends with a gigantic parade with big wagons dressed in all kinds of flowers driven through the streets of Funchal.


If you like flowers this is a must!

Next festival takes place 7 – 13 of April 2016.


More information on web site: http://festadaflor.visitmadeira.pt



Reid´s Palace Classic Auto Show

Belmond Reid’s Palace Classic Auto Show.


This is usually in the beginning of May.

Old classic and a bit newer classic cars and motor bikes are on display. A real treat for keen motorists. Stroll along the Estrada Monumental and check out all the beauties :).


More information on web site: http://www.visitmadeira.pt/en-gb/what-to-do/events/search/the-classic-motor-exhibition



Atlantic Festival - Fireworks Contest.


This festival consists of three parts.

The Madeira Music Festival, The International Fireworks Competition and performances by different philharmonic orchestras. During the Saturday nights in June there are firework shows together with music. Competitors from several countries compete in performing the best firework show.


More information on web site: http://www.visitmadeira.pt/en-gb/what-to-do/events/search/atlantic-festival



Funchal Jazz Festival – Parque Santa Catarina.


This is said to be the most popular and larges culture event in Madeira.

Musicians from all over the world performs their music in the Santa Catarina Park. Local musicians and some of the really big names in jazz shows up. The festival takes place during July.


More information on web site: http://www.visitmadeira.pt/en-gb/what-to-do/events/search/funchal-jazz



Madeira Wine Rally (Rali Vinho da Madeira).


For those who are into motor sports this is a big event.

During July The Madeira Wine Rally (Rali Vinho da Madeira) is run. The rally is included in the FIA European Rally Championships. Top drivers from all of Europe are competing and the races are mostly on the narrow and special roads up in the mountains.


More information on web site: http://www.visitmadeira.pt/en-gb/what-to-do/events/search/madeira-wine-rally



There are more to come in July, if you are interested in sports. The Golf tournament Madeira Island Open part of the PGA European Tour is played outside Machico at Santo da Serra.


More information on web site: http://www.visitmadeira.pt/en-gb/what-to-do/events/search/madeira-island-open



Madeira Wine Festival.


In the end of August to the beginning of September the wine festival is celebrated.

It´s in the middle of the harvest period and reminds of the tradition and production of the Madeiran wine.

The festival starts in Camara de Lobos by picking and harvesting the wine and a parade, as it should be, as popular for locals as for travellers. In Funchal there are also sound & lights shows and you can taste both wine and food at the festival stands.


More information on web site: http://www.visitmadeira.pt/en-gb/what-to-do/events/search/madeira-wine-festival