Festa da Flor

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Festa da Flor - The Flowerfestival

Annually, in April/May, there is a big flower festival in Funchal where all kinds of flowers are displayed.


In the main street of Funchal long carpets of flowers are made. Folk lore groups are showing folk dance and you can buy all kinds of flowers in the stands that has been built. You can buy orchids and other exotic flowers, fruits and vegetables. Also hand craft are displayed and for sale.


The final of the festival is a gigantic parade where big cars dressed in flowers are driven along the streets of Funchal and there are dancers also dressed in flowers in front of every car.

If you are into flowers this is a must.


Next Festa da Flor in Funchal 4th – 21st of May 2017.


More information on the home site: http://festadaflor.visitmadeira.pt