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If you like flowers and other plants, then Madeira is a paradise for you. There are several parks to stroll around in, both those that are free to go into and others where you need to pay an entrance fee, but they are all worth a visit.


For those who love orchids, there are some nice exibitions and it is also possible to buy species that might be hard to find in other parts of Europe. If you want to try to grow your own orchids, you can buy flasks with little baby plants.


If you choose to go by car around Madeira, you get to see magical woods and green lush views over the hills of Madeira and you can watch the flowers on the roadsides.


Or why not just stroll around in Funchal (or any other small town on the island) and admire the gardens and the bouganvilla hedges in all colors.


Do not miss the Flower Festival (Festa da Flor) in Funchal, in the middle of May, if you want an extra dose of flowers !


As long as you travel within EU, it is OK to bring flowers with you home :-)