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Madeira wine in oak barrels

Madeira is well known for its Madeira wine. If you like to know more of the making or taste it it´s a good idea to visit The Blandy´s Wine lodge in Funchal.


The making of wine started early in Madeira. Already in the 14th century, there were an established wine industry in the island and they exported the wine to places far away.


To keep to wine in good condition during long boat journey´s, alcohol from sugar canes were added to the wine. In combination with the heat and the ships rolling in the sea, it had a maturing affect to the wine, which was discovered when a ship returned to Madeira with some unsold wine.


It´s this process of making wine that today´s winemakers try to emulate, but it´s made in a more controlled manner these days than used in the ships ages ago.

There are varieties of flavours of the Madeira wine, depending of what grape used. According to Blandy´s themselves:


Various blends of madeiran wine
  • Sercial

A dry and light Madeira wine. Nothing is better than a glass of this wine to tease the apatite.


  • Verdelho

A medium dry, well balanced wine. Perfect for soup but very good as an aperitif.


  • Bual

Rich dark brown. A tasteful, elegant and fruity wine. Try this excellent wine with cheese or desserts.


  • Malmsey

Dark amber colour with a rich consistent and a long elegant aftertaste. Ideal for coffee.

For more interesting information please visit Blandy´s website:



When you visit Blandy´s you can also take the guided tour, see equipment´s used in making the wine and foremost taste different vintages of the wine.


When we took the tour we saw in some pictures that Blandy´s were purveyor to his majesty the king of Sweden.





Here you can read about the history of Blandy´s, what wines they are making, what food you can eat with the wine and what prices they have won.



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