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Cable car

There are two cable cars in Funchal. The first one, most well-known runs from the seafront up to Monte and the second one runs from Monte down to Jardim Botanico.

It´s a pleasant and exciting trip to take and you will have a lovely view over Funchal and Monte. When you reach the top station you can stroll around in Monte and also check out Monte Palace Tropical Garden.


We have several times taken the cable car up to Monte for a levada walk called Bon Sucesso that starts just below the top station of the cable car to Jardim Botanico. It goes from Monte downhill and finishes just below of Jardim Botanico. From here it´s not that far down to the central parts of Funchal (see the map) or why not visit one of two orchid gardens in the same area. (see the Flower site).


When you board the cable car just before the door closes there is, usually, a photographer taking a picture of you, so you´d better smile:-). Of course you can buy the picture when you arrive at the top in Monte.



There are a couple of different trips to buy for the cable car. If you are into checking out one of the botanical gardens by the cable car in Monte there´s a good idea to buy one of ticket packages that are available.



Cable car trips and prices

Some selections (prices for adult):


  • Single trip to Monte – 10 €
  • Turn and return Monte – 15 €
  • Turn and return Monte including entrance at

Monte Palace Tropical Garden – 23.75 €

  • Turn and return with both cable cars at Monte including entrance at Jardim Botanico – 29.90 €





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