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Old Town - Zona Velha

It´s nice to take a stroll around the Old Town of Funchal with its narrow alleys e.g. Rua Santa Maria and old buildings and houses that dates all the way back to the 14th century. Some of them are well preserved and some are not exactly in mint condition. It´s a nice initiative with the colourful doors. Even a ramshackle will look nice with a funny good looking door.


The beautiful yellow fort, São Tiago, is located in the Old Town. Built in the late 14th century and you can see the year of 1614 in a wall. It were included in the defence of Funchal until the beginning of the 1990th. At that time it was used for cultural activities such as an art museum but that had moved when we visited Madeira in Dec. 2015. Still, it´s nice to visit the fort and look at the towers, thick walls and the lovely view over the harbour.


Just next to the fort is a popular bathing site not exactly a sandy beach but with small and bigger stones or rocks.


The paving stones in the streets and squares of the Old Town are very special and forms nice patterns.


In many places they are oblong and half-round and in others patterns of black and white stones.

Refreshments at Fort São Tiago

There are lots of good restaurants in the Old Town. Some serve traditional Madeiran food and some serve more international cuisine.



A good tourist lunch for us is a cheese and ham omelette.


As always you have to deal with all the barkers outside the restaurants, but you just have to live with it. Anyway it´s nice to have something to eat or drink and rest the old legs for a while or just enjoy the surroundings.






Other things to see in the Old Town::