Jardim Botanico

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Jardim Botanico

Jardim Botanico is probably the most famous park in Funchal and above all the one that is most advertised. It is well signed and you will find it easily. It lies uphill of Funchal and you have a fantastic view over the town, with all the white houses and red roof tops. In the park you will find probably the most photographed planting in Madeira.


The park was founded in 1960 and is located in an area called Quinta do Bom Sucesso that were earlier owned by the Reid family.


There are amazingly lots of flowers and plants to watch and there are different areas of the park with a variety of plants like succulents, form shaped trees etc. You can just stroll around and also perhaps watch some art here and there.


For us coming from the north we can watch exotic plants and flowers that we normally have in pots on the windowsill. Here they grow “wild”. There are lots of bougainvillea and azalea in the park and these are also common plants in every house garden in Funchal.


Small signs at many plants gives you information of name and origin etc.


There is a part of the park with animals, The Louro Bird Park, where you can watch parrots, peacocks and turtles. In the middle of the park you will also find a small museum of natural history.

An easy and exciting way of going to Jardim Botanico is to go by cable car from the seafront in Funchal. Go up to Monte, take right turn at the top station, walk a couple of hundred meters and you will arrive at another cable car station. These white cable cars will take you down to Jardim Botanico.


There are a sort of combination tickets to buy where both of the cable cars and entrance fees to the park are included.

Please visit our web site about the Cable Car, for more information.


If you go by car the easiest way is to get up on the motorway VR1 and follow the brown signs towards Jardim Botanico.


And if you insists and rather walk you will find a good path with some help of Google Maps. Be prepared, since it´s a steep hill to clime but you can rest and watch the magnificent views of Funchal and the sea now and then.


Another option is to go by bus. Use bus number 31 or 31a from the seafront. The big bus stop is located next to the cable car station at seafront.


Of course there is always the alternative to take a taxi, they a very keen on driving you and there are always some waiting outside the gates of the park when you have got enough of flowers for one day.


Find it with Google Maps.