Santa Catarina

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Santa Catarina

If you walk from the town centre of Funchal towards the Lido area via Avenida do Infante you will see the Santa Catarina Park uphill. It is a very large lawn with plants around and a small lake or big pond, including swans.


Memorial stone at Capela de Santa Catarina

There are some tractors on display in the park also a playground for the kids. Earlier there were a café in the same part of the park but when we visited it last in Dec 2015 it wasn´t there anymore. There were a restauration going on in that part of the park.


Take a stroll among the trees and plants around the lawn and enjoy the view over the harbour from the “miradors”. Take also a look at the small chapel, Capela de Santa Catarina. It´s said to be the first one built in Funchal, in 1425. Anyhow, it´s was founded by Constaca de Almeida, the wife of Zarco, the discoverer of Madeira.


And when you now are at the chapel also take a look at the memorial stone next to the chapel. It´s in memory of the approx. 2000 persons from Gibraltar that were evacuated to Funchal during the Second World War, to be saved from the German troops in 1940.


Next to the chapel you can also see a statue of Christopher Columbus who visited the Madeiran islands in sugar cane trade for a merchant in Lisbon. He met and married the daughter of the governor of Porto Santo, Felipa Moniz, and stayed at Porto Santo for a couple of years until his wife and son died. He left the island short after.

Annually in July there is a big jazz festival in Funchal that takes place in Santa Catarina Park. Musicians from all over the world as well as local performes. It´s said to be the greates culture event in Madeira. See more in Festivals.