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Old Seafront and harbour

The Seafront in Funchal has been undergoing a big facelift the last years since a devastated storm ruined large parts of the harbour and the seafront in 2010. Also other parts of Madeira were affected by the storm, people were killed and roads, tunnels and buildings were flooded.


The work is now, in principal, finished and you can walk along the new seafront again, from the cruise ships docks all the way to São Tiago, the yellow fort, in the far end.


Along the walk a completely new harbour for yacht’s has been made and more space for the cruise ships. The docks were not in use when we visited Madeira last time in Dec. 2015 but they looked ready.


A large area of grass and flower beds has also been made and a part of it is built as terraces down into the sea.


The Beatles boat Vagrant

In the past a big sailing ship, the Vagrant, once owned by The Beatles, were put ashore at the old seafront and served as a café and restaurant.

This was one of the most luxurious yacht´s in the world at that time, during the 60s.


Due to fewer and lesser customers and that the ship were in the way of restoring the seafront the boat were launched into the sea and moved to Canical.


Later on it sunk in a storm in 2013.


Read more of Vagrant here


Noticed that it´s very popular to jog along the seafront during Sunday´s.


Fort Molhe and Porto Santo-ferry

Out on the pier, where the cruise ships dock, is a small ancient fort. You can visit it and take a short walk up to its top and have a nice view (for a small fee)


There is another ancient fort a bit out on the same pier (closer to the cruise ships), called Molhe Fort. From the beginning it was built on a small island outside of the harbour but nowadays it´s built into the pier. Go and visit.

In the yacht’s harbour out on the pier sailingcrews have painted signs as a greeting from their visit in Funchal. A lot of marks are from yacht´s from the Nordic countries and there are some from a Swedish yacht called St. Elmo that we sailed on in the Caribbean in 1999.


As we are a bit boat crazy, we always take a look at the pier, to see if there are any new signs. Thinking about, if we should do the same, if we dare…



From the seafront you can go down to the marina. There are a lot of restaurant´s and it´s always nice to sit down in the sun and have something to drink and rest the old legs. But beware of the many barkers. Anyway…Last time we were there we sat in a bar just over the water and watched an octopus crawling along .. noting to do with drinks we had :-)


Fort São Tiago

At the end of the seafront you come to a yellow fort, São Tiago. It´s a colourful fort from the 15th century with thick walls and small watch towers. There is also a nice restaurant here.


Refreshments at the São Tiago fort



We use to finish our seafront walk here and have a drink at the pub at the entrance of the fort.