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Go by car

It´s really good to rent a car and get around on your own. We have rented at both Avis and Europcar and both have been working well, with some small difference in price. Budget and Hertz are also represented but we have not tried them yet. All four companies are represented with offices at the airport.


When you rent a car it´s good to include an extra deductible insurance. We have experience from this when we once reversed into a car and the insurance solved if for us. It´s also good to rent a car with more thrust or traction power to get a more pleasant ride with the hilly terrain in mind.


We have booked cars at home on the internet, through the reception at the hotel or right at the rental office and all has worked fine. Don´t forget to bring your driver’s licence, credit card and passport when renting a car.


If you book at home on the internet the price might be somewhat cheaper. When booking through the reception at the hotel the rental firm usually comes to the hotel for the paper work and hand over or they pick you up for transport to the renal office.


There are some local rental companies such as Auto Jardim and Rodavante but we have not tried them.

Cow parking

Regarding the driving culture and traffic rhythm it´s good to be extra observant since the tempo is somewhat high and sometimes cars, busses are parked in the middle of the road or some other exciting things.

With the terrain in mind many roads are pretty winding it sometimes feels like you are meeting yourself in the turns. In some places rocks and dirt has fallen down on the road especially when it has been raining, so please be aware.

Steep hills around Ponta do Pargo

There are lots of viewpoints and rest places along the roads. Take the time and stop and enjoy the fantastic sceneries and the dramatic nature.


Since the island isn´t that large it´s fairly quick to get around. There are many newly built roads, highways and many tunnels so when you are tired after a day on the roads you are soon back in Funchal.

Lovely view at Faial

There are so many nice things to drive to and to see that you sometimes have problems in keeping up with the traffic. Just bring your maps and guides and take a ride.