25 Fontes - Levada das Vinte e Cinco Fontes

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25 Fontes - Levada das Vinte e Cinco Fontes

We went on a guided tour in a group when we walked the tour of 25 Fontes. We were picked up at our hotel in Funchal and then we travelled westward up in the mountains to Rabacal where the levada tour started. The guide spoke more or less understandable 3 or 4 different languages.


The walk started at Rabacal and then descended to cross the Levada do Risco to come on to the Levada 25 Fontes.


25 Fontes Tunnel

You walk on trails through an enchanted forest with trees bending like bony arms out from the hill sides. It´s cool and damp. The landscape is magnificent with the high mountains, steep deep ravines and the green vegetation.


It´s said to be 25 waterfalls along the trail but we are not quite sure, anyway there were a lot of them and some of them had even water, really nice.


A funny thing was that there were small trout´s swimming in the levada.


At the end of the tour the trail went into a long tunnel. A bit exciting walking in the dark with only the light from the cell phone. The guide had some flashlights as well. After the tunnel we walked a short distance to a resting place where the walk finished.


The travel back to the hotel with the bus included a mandatory pit stop at the guide’s mate who had a bar:).



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