Curral das Freiras

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Curral das Freiras


The valley and the village is located just north of Funchal surrounded by magnificent mountains, fantastic views. The nuns from the Convento de Santa Clara down in Funchal fled here when the French pirates ravaged Funchal during the mid-14th century.


A very remote valley/village and the only road in the past were the Post road, a paved trail along the mountain.


Now there is a good road and a tunnel that ends into the valley. If you come here by car you can park in the small square in the middle of the village, with a great view of the valley. It´s alright to park in front of the cafés, no fee, but as of courtesy you visit the nearest café and order something to eat or drink.


You can hike the Old Post trail that starts just below the small square. Follow the street/road down some 100 meters and then turn left up on the trail. The paved trail, small round stones, runs uphill in winding turns on the mountain side and finally reach its end up at Eira do Serrado. Here you will find hotels, diners, souvenir shops and most of all a magnificent viewpoint, don´t miss it.


You can go by bus between Curral das Freiras and Eira do Serrado and vice versa but the valley and the mountains are so beautiful that we walked the way back on the post trail.