Ponta de São Lourenco

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Ponta de São Lourenco

One of the most popular hikes in Madeira is to walk out on the São Lourenco peninsula.


The easiest way to drive from Funchal is to go on the highway eastward to the airport then continue to Machico and Canical. At the end you will drive on a narrow road that ends in a roundabout and you are there. Here are parking lots, pick nick tables and some vendors in caravans.


It´s just to follow the well-used trail. Easy walking with some hilly parts. Some parts of the trail goes along high drop-offs but no need to worry.


At some parts of the trail you will be able to see both the north and south parts of Madeira at the same time, so nice. Don´t miss the view points along the trail, to see the dramatic sceneries. Check out the hole in the cliff.


After a while you will come out on a flat where you can choose the left or the right trail, it doesn´t matter, both trails lead to the house at the palm trees. From here you can walk the top of the hill, it´s really steep but you will be rewarded at the top, 200 moa, and the view is as always, magnificent.


While you are here don´t forget to check out the aircrafts landing/lifting at the airport.


The gravel in the ground reminds of the gravel in tennis courts. If you walk here a rainy day you will have a whole lot under the boots.


Same trail back and forth.