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Welcome to MyMadeira


Welcome to MyMadeira

We would like to tell you about our Madeira since we think it´s a very nice place to visit and to be in.


Madeira has a reputation of being a place for just old timers but that´s not the case. Well, it´s not exactly a party place, haven’t looked for it but it might be some, but it´s nice and has a laid back atmosphere with lots of exiting things to do such as hiking, mountain climbing, sailing, mountain biking, whale and dolphin watching, play golf or take a trip by car on your own.


Funchal, Madeira’s capital, is a nice town where you can stroll the seafront, the Old town, watch the parks with exotic plants, take a ride in the cable car, a trip by boat or check out the shopping centres if you like.


If you take a trip outside Funchal, there are lots of good hiking to do, such as levadas and other footpaths, exciting roads to travel and admire the magnificent views, check out small villages or just enjoy the sceneries.


The climate is like a Swedish summer (we are from Sweden), all year around. It might be some small showers of rain and clouds could be on the mountain tops but it´s still pleasant.


We hope this website will inspire you and get you more interested in Madeira and why not, take a trip.


Yours sincerely

Mariette & Per



PS. We are from Sweden and write based on that, so if you find comments about Sweden here and there in the text, just try to imagine how it is up here and then you know what we mean.

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