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Can´t help being fascinated by the cruise ships that lands in Funchal and dream of going away with them. It´s not only a wish of go on a trip with them that makes one curious, they are simply grand to watch both in the harbour and at sea. Yes, we are a bit boat crazy...:)


An alternative to charter for a travel to Madeira is to go on a cruise. Most of the cruise ships that make port in Funchal makes a round trip from the Canary Islands or Southampton in England and make a stop in Madeira so the passengers can go ashore and stretch their legs and have a look around.


During the last years, since the devastated rain storms in 2010, the harbour, docs and seafront got a face lift.


It´s always interresting to watch the big magnificent cruise ships in the harbour and if you are lucky you might see a life boat drill.


There are quite a few shipping companies and travel agencies that offers cruises e.i. TUI Thomson who has got a big variety of cruise trips, just to book. Other well known shipping compaies are Cunard and MSC Cruises.