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Travel to Madeira

The pillars under the runway

The easiest way to travel to Madeira is to book a trip with a charter company and fly there.


From Sweden the flight takes approx. 5-6 hours depending on where in Sweden you fly from.


When you finally arrive in Madeira you will land on one of the most spectacular airports in the world.

Exciting airport

The runway is short and located next to a mountain side and it stands on high pillars that goes out into the sea.

The runway is just long enough for the aircrafts that uses it.


Earlier you landed on Porto Santo and then continued by boat or a smaller aircraft to Madeira.


The airport, which opened in 1964, is really special. It has been expanded during the years to be able to handle bigger aircrafts. During our latest trip to Madeira in Dec 2015, the terminal building were undergoing refurbishing and the job where to be finished early 2016.


When you finally get the luggage you can go by booked transfer to your hotel, by taxi or the airport transfer bus, which were for EUR 5.00 at our latest trip in late 2015.


It´s also possible to rent a car. The big car rental companies such as Avis, Europcar and Hertz are represented at the airport.


Of course you can go to Madeira on your own, booking the flight and hotel by yourself. We have checked this out but have come to the conclusion that it´s hard to find a flight that is convenient in time. Otherwise you can check with your charter company if it´s possible to just book a seat on a flight.


There are several charter companies that arrange trips to Madeira with complete programs including hiking’s, picnics and boat trips.


Have a look:

Cruise ship on the way to Funchal

Another way of going to Madeira is to go on a cruise with one of all cruise lines that make port in Madeira harbour.


This gives you an opportunity to visit Madeira for a couple of hours/days and also visit places along the journey.


Cruise ships traffic between the Canaries and Madeira frequently.


We sometimes dream of a cruise trip and you never know, some day...:)